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Clickphone Communications Ltd's hosted PBX represents a unique pricing approach. You pay per user per month for the hosted services. The amount you pay per month depends on the features each user has This can be from £7.00 per month per user to £11.00 per month per user.

Minimal Initial Investment No need to own, operate, manage or maintain your own phone equipment. Your only capital investment is for IP telephones. If you are buying a traditional PBX how long will it be before your expensive purchase is out of date due to using old technology. Clickphone’s hosted PBX is future proofed.

Monthly savings Our clients typically realise savings between 30-60% annually as a result of our of our hosted services model. Hosted telephony is less expensive than buying any PBX. Telephone calls between linked offices or users are free- employees and offices can be based anywhere in the world and calls are still free. Using the internet for routing standard telephone calls will result in a substantially smaller phone bill

Pay for bandwidth not lines BT lines rental cost on average £10 per month per line rental or number you pay for broadband line rental and the telephone numbers are free however many you need.

Predictable Charges for Moves, Adds or Changes Traditional moves, additions, changes, maintenance and upgrades result in unpredictable operating expense. By moving to the Clickphone solution, these monthly costs are stabilised as system upgrades, enhancements, and maintenance fees are included in your monthly charge.

Reduced Administrative Support Because of Clickphone’s outsourced services model, your internal IT and administrative requirements for supporting a telecommunications infrastructure are significantly reduced.

Efficient Support of Your Growth As Clickphone’s pricing is designed on a per user, per month basis, planning your growth and its associated expenses has never been easier or more predictable. Also, once the decision to expand is made, additional users or sites can quickly be activated Typically if you were buying a PBX you would buy the hardware that you would need over the next 3 years not the hardware you need today. With Hosted telephony you pay for the number of users you need today

Simple, Consolidated Electronic Invoicing- one bill for everything Unlike traditional unbundled services from multiple providers and their confusing charges, Clickphone’s packaging can incorporates your phone service, Internet Access, phone calls, Phone System, Maintenance, and Data Networking into one monthly, predictable, easy to understand, electronic invoice. Reconciliation has never been easier.



Clickphone’s services provide your business with the latest, easy to use productivity enhancing tools to make your communications more efficient and productive.

Keep your existing phone numbers You can keep your existing numbers or choose new numbers with any geographical area code

Never miss a call Some potential customers who ring you and get your voice mail don’t like to leave a message You have these numbers stored in your computer. How much business are you loosing ? And how much more will you get from ringing back missed calls

Integration with Microsoft Outlook Incoming calls are linked to Microsoft Outlook contacts to provide your team valuable information about the caller before picking up the phone. Outgoing calls are simple and quick

Unified Messaging By converting voicemails into e-mail attachments, your team can stay better organized and connected with critical internal and external personnel.

Direct Dial numbers All users can have their own Unique DDI number and can call external numbers directly with no need to go through a switchboard to to get an outside line. Internal calls can also be transferred quickly and easily

Scalability Not only do Clickphone’s services allow you to grow almost infinitely, you will be able to do so with unprecedented speed and ease. As the majority of the Clickphone’s solution is software based with centralized management, you are able to add new users and even entire offices within minutes or days instead of weeks and months.

Browser-Based Administration All of your Clickphone’s services and features can be easily accessed and administered from any Internet connection, freeing your team to focus on driving revenue.

Mobility Clickphone’s service incorporates a simultaneous ring find me / follow me feature to keep your team connected with a single number. And Clickphone’s browser based tool bar provides full function remote office capabilities that allow home office workers the ability to transfer, conference, etc with the click of a mouse.

Automated Phone List A surprisingly difficult and time consuming task for growing organizations is to keep up with the phone list. With our service, phone lists are derived from the phone system automatically, so they're always up to date. Each end user has easy access to the current phone list from anywhere.



How your communication services are managed and delivered makes all the difference in the world. Clickphone deploys the best industry standards to ensure optimal quality, reliability, and security.

Redundancy, Reliability Carrier grade technologies with 5 nines availability (99.999%) are used for our clients’s requirements, resulting in a superior level of reliability and redundancy. Telecommunication equipment is housed in 2 separate Telehouse data centers which are disaster proof to the highest level.

Disaster Recovery Inherent in our hosted solution Clickphone’s disaster recovery keeps communications up through power cuts, floods, evacuations etc. Calls can simply be re-routed to mobile phones, home phones, or other locations. These changes can easily be completed by each end user, the local system admin, or from a centralized IT group.

Improved reliability, Speed, and Security Clickphone’s carrier grade converged technologies allow our clients to leverage the advantages of VoIP without the risk. This results in incredible cost savings utilizing a technically sound connection that matches our clients security requirements. In addition, clickphone’s hosted model allows for faster set up of new sites, as well as greater flexibility for moves, adds, and changes.

Minimal Technical Impact Clickphone can deploy your service in a redundant manner while your old services are still in place. This allows us to work together to ensure all adjustments are made and end users are comfortable prior to completing your service migration.

Safety in Standards Moving to Clickphone’s industry standard IP Phones minimizes your long-term risk as the recommended Polycom IP Phones are designed to work with more communications systems than any other. Current praise by thousands of end users provides proof of user adoption, reliability, and ease of use.

Hosting is Future Proof Don’t use aging technology buy buying a PBX. Not sure about changing technologies –rent it


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